8 Reasons Why Are Apple Watches So Expensive?

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I think it is fair to say all of us think twice before investing in Apple products, and usually it is not because we're not sure about the quality, but because they are pricey. Which tell us two thing about the Apple brand.

A) Apple has gained trust of its consumers.

B) You need big bucks to have an Apple product.

However, just for the sake of argument even if we narrow our view just to Apple Watches, you'd see the pattern is similar there as well. In comparison to the other smartwatches in the market Apple novel releases are always pretty expansive. Leaving us with a question of why Apple Watches are so expensive? Surely, there has to be a reason or reasons behind it? Right?

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The reason Apple Watches are generally expensive is because of the following factor:

  • Ecosystem
  • Production Cost
  • Brand Value
  • Ease Of Usage

Is High Price Of Apple Watches Justified

Before we look at the reasons why Apple watches cost so much I’d like to create an impression: Apple has been in the IoT industry for a long time now. They are the sole reason for the new era that ushered back in 2007 with the release of iPhone. Today Apple combined net worth is $2.6 trillion dollars which if you put into perspective is more than the combined net worth of Tesla, PayPal, and many other big capitalist institutions.

So there has always been this aura of elitism around the Apple, but in no way does that justifies the high cost. Although there can be other factors and for your convenience we have listed them down below.

Perceived Value – Brand

As mentioned above and a little about here Apple has a name to maintain. Which is normal considering the company has worked tirelessly to create a strong brand identity. Likewise, there is a reason when you’re about to buy Apple Watch or any of its product you don’t think about the quality twice. Or even the value you’d receive for your money. You don’t question it!

Have you ever wondered why?

Apple Is THE Brand

Well, it is because in our minds it is kind of hardwired to believe that any gadget that has the seal of approval of Apple is the best we can get. Even though that is not always the case. Ever since the demise of Steve Jobs the company has been on this plateau but even then the brand identity is so strong that it can carry it for a long time.

And Apple knows that, and as it happens they exploit it. Or to put it mildly: Apple leverages it’s name to set high prices.

High Standards Makes Apple Expansive

This might seem juvenile but Apple has indeed managed to perfect the production system. Their intensive style fused with attention to detail for every project set them apart from practically everyone. You can have in your one hand an Apple Watch like SE 2 and in the other something like Garmin Vivoactive 4 and you’d notice there is a big difference in how they are crafted.

Apple Watches Have High Standards

That is not to say Garmin have a problem, it’s just that Apple works with a different definition of quality. The edges, the body, the built, and once again that premium feel to have it are not replicated or found in other smartwatches.

Perfect Innovation Comes At Price

Given the pace company is working right now I wouldn’t be comfortable to say Apple is innovation machine. At least not anymore, but we can’t deny that at one point Apple was the birthplace of new era of technology. In 2007 iPhones changed the landscape. In 2015 Apple Watches beat the Fitbit and became the undisputed king of wearable market. But if you think about it, it didn’t happen out of nowhere.

Innovation Is Everything About Apple

Apple had plans for domination for a long time. However, unlike the rest, they didn’t act on them with impulsive decisions. They worked and waited till their creation was the best in the market. Even today if you’d compare Apple Watch with any other smartwatch you’d notice the stark contrast that separates them, and it is because Apple perfectly innovated.

Even today despite the much fame and fortune Apple is investing billions of dollars to find the solution to incorporate blood pressure tracking in its smartwatch. We talked about it in details when we discussed the Fitbit role for wearable market. Besides that is not the only thing Apple plans to bring to life there has also been attempts to bring camera to Apple Watches.

Accuracy With Precision Requires Money

Personally I believe that to an extent no smartwatch or health tracker ever created has managed to perfect the results. However, if we put aside the analytical sight I’d go on record and say Apple comes pretty close to perfection in this matter (just like Fitbit).

Apple Watches Are Accurate

Let’s take Heart Rate for example. Apple Watches use Green Light to capture your beating heart rate. So assuming you’re using Apple Watch like Series 8 you’re guaranteed to get result that would be somewhat 85-90% close. Which even if can’t be used to decide medical condition they can be used as a reference.

Composed Ecosystem – Connection With Other Apple Products

Okay this one definitely takes weight over the other. Apple has perfected the Ecosystem. Using your Apple Watch you can easily connect yourself to your iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, and so on. Which not only ease the data transfer but provides the avenue to platitudes of benefits.

Apple's Ecosystem

For example think about this you just lost your Apple Watch somewhere, but it’s connected to your iPhone. Now you can use it (through Find My application) to track your watch, and I’m just stating one use-case here.

There is also features like Face ID sync which you can use through your Apple Watch combined with iPhones. Or the blessed connection between Mac Book and Apple Watch with which you can charge your smartwatch.

Ease Of Usage Is Not Easy To Provide

For many elderly people it takes great time to be familiar with new tech. More often than not they just give up and end up not taking advantage of it, and it is all because the UI is not optimized enough. Fortunately that is not the case with Apple Watches.

Ease Of Usage Allows Apple Watches Greater Influence

Made with streamlined easy-to-use OS Apple has make sure that anyone regardless of their age and interest can use their products. Which as it happens has also resulted in inflated prices.

Cost of Production Sets Apple Apart

Since Apple Watches are made with high quality material to provide durability and exquisite detail they obviously cost the company to invest in them. Given the standards are above the roof the prices are set in a manner that they can have an effective ROI on each sale.

Apple Watches Cost Money To Make

This factor has gained even more traction after the influence of COVID-19 pandemic affects came into light. With hardware manufacturers raising the price all around the globe Apple has no choice but to follow the trend.

Profit Margin Creates Expansive Tag

Much like any other capitalistic natured corporation Apple takes huge profit margin from sale of each Apple Watch. Although exact figures aren’t revealed as of now. Experts do believe that company is getting at least 50% profit on its each wearable.

Apple Takes Huge Profit Margin

Take that number into account and calculate the total sum and you’d see the why Apple is the richest company on the face of planet. For sure, as consumers it doesn’t make for great reading, we can’t ignore the fact that at the end of the day they are providing the quality for the money.

And This Is Why Apple Watches Are Expensive

So there you have it.

Although honestly I’d still say there is no reason for any company to charge what they charge for smart devices. In the case of Apple Watches I guess we can give them benefit of doubt. Or at least acknowledge that the brand has worked hard to reach this position.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch that offers a wide range of features such as fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, mobile payments, and access to various apps. It also offers customizable watch faces and interchangeable bands, allowing users to personalize their watch according to their style.

Whether an Apple Watch is worth buying depends on individual needs and preferences. If you are someone who values fitness tracking and staying connected on the go, an Apple Watch might be a great investment for you. However, if you don’t need these features, a traditional watch might be a better option for you.

While the Apple Watch does offer luxury features and a premium price tag, it is not considered a luxury item in the same way as a high-end designer watch. However, it is still seen as a status symbol among some consumers.

As of 2021, the United States is the country that uses Apple products the most, followed by China and Japan. However, this could change in the future as Apple continues to expand its global reach.

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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