Amazfit Band 5 Vs Fitbit Charge 5: Best Of Trackers!

Amazfit Band 5 vs Fitbit Charge 5

With the arrival of COVID-19, a new surge of motivation has been seen in people, motivation to remain fit, and motivation to be better physically and mentally. Many of my friends who used to make jokes about my strict adherence to my fitness regime have certainly had a change of heart, and they are not only people.

Anyways, while this change of habit is a welcoming one, I have seen many people torn between choosing the right tracking device for them. Too many thinking too much about something that shouldn't be overthought. Therefore, to set the records straight, today I hope to clear few doubts, to put at ease aching heads and hurting hearts.

For today we at Chronoat are going to talk about latest band entries from Fitbit and Amazfit...

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Amazfit Band 5
Tech Advisor
Tech Advisor@techadvisor
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An inexpensive fitness tracker with some surprising extras including Alexa and blood oxygen monitoring
Tom's Guide
Tom's Guide@tomsguide
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The Amazfit Band 5 is a $50 activity tracker packed with many sought-after features found in pricier fitness bands.

Amazfit Band 5 is 1.01 inch wide made from the Plastic body.

Runs on AMOLED Display Amazfit Band 5 is perfect for Health Tracking and Workouts.

Amazfit Band 5 can last 7 days on one charge.

Fitbit Charge 5
Fitbit Charge 5
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Fitbit Charge 5 is a really comprehensive fitness tracker, and perhaps the best “true” fitness tracker.
Android Authority
Android Authority @AndriodAuthority
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The Fitbit Charge 5 is an excellent fitness tracker but it should've been Fitbit's best ever.

Fitbit Charge 5 is 1.71 inch wide made from the Aluminum Body.

Runs on AMOLED Display Fitbit Charge 5 is perfect for Health Tracking and Workouts.

Fitbit Charge 5 can last 6-7 days on one charge.

Information You're Finding!

Amazfit Band 5 vs Fitbit Charge 5 is a closely contested battle. Where Amazfit Band 5 edges the Fitbit only in terms of battery performance. Otherwise, it is all Fitbit that seems a pretty solid option. Although Amazfit Band 5 is much more affordable.

Amazfit Band 5: Affordable Versatility

Released in the September of 2021 Amazfit Band 5 needs just two words to define itself: Affordable Versatility.

Given the current economical circumstances and rising inflation rates Amazfit Band 5 is no less than gift for anyone out there looking to buy a competent health tracker. Priced at $49.99 at major retail stores you would find it extremely difficult to find another fitness tracker with the same set of features and price in this range. Believe me, I tried and I couldn’t.

Meant to be people’s choice Amazfit Band 5 provides handful of useful features, from likes of monitoring the heart rate and sleeping pattern to workout mode exclusively designed to improve productivity and efficiency. It’s you imagination against its functionality.

Fitbit Change 5: Best Of Trackers?

Introduced in the month of August during 2021 Fitbit Charge 5 was on the shelves exactly after year and fifth months after arrival of its predecessor. Although, not dramatically different in terms of design from Fitbit Charge 4 there is premium feel to it’s design. I don’t know how to put it better in words but you’d feel the difference between the two.

While Fitbit Charge 4 was quite basic for appeal Fitbit certainly worked hard on Charge 5 to have a better shot at winning hearts, and eyes.

Fitbit Charge 5 Vs Amazfit Band 5: Best & Affordable

Just like when I discussed the prospect of Fitbit Versa 3 and Amazfit GTR 2 we have to understand Fitbit and Amazfit aren’t exactly direct rival to each other plan of global reach. Yes, they share a common ground, they have very different ideas on how to do it. Which, you would see as we would go through point by point to dissect the best of debate.

BODY In Question

To those of you who are regular at Chronoat you would know I’m not the biggest fan of Fitbit designs. In fact it is my strong believe they can do better for Versa and Sense series for much needed spark. However, I have to give credit where credit is due Fitbit certainly didn’t miss the mark with Charge 5.

Despite it’s noticeable size Charge 5 has everything you could hope to have in a band. It is lightweight. It feels premium to have around the wrist, and it doesn’t or wouldn’t fall off your arms during heated workout sessions.

For sure, the same applies for Amazfit Band 5 too. It might not have the exclusivity of Fitbit around it, for what it’s worth you are in for a treat either way.

Built Quality

With choice to choose on your discretion Fitbit provides handful of options for bands and colors you could opt for your Fitbit Charge 5, and believe me when I say all of them are damn appealing in their own way. If and when you’d have it your option would include classic bands made from silicone, a sport band made from nylon, and a special edition woven band.

During our test I had mine with nylon band and I have to say it was eye candy looking at it sitting all wrapped around my wrist. I didn’t even mind the more-than-required-extra-large screen size of it.

And why would I?

Fitbit has make sure that material used to craft the band is durable and scratch resistant (we will talk about it in details later) so even my rough and tough use wasn’t intimidating enough for the band, or me.

Body Comparison of Fitbit Charge 5 & Amazfit Band 5

Talking about versatility Amazfit Band 5 also doesn’t hold back in this regard. You would have the option to customize your health tracker in all of these colors: black, red, green, and colorful gradient band that will illuminate when under the light.

“What about material used to make the band?”

Well, while plastic is used to bring the band to existent, it is not cheap plastic, at least it didn’t feel like that to me.

Display Screen

If we would place the both under the strict light of comparison Fitbit Charge 5 would come out on top. Given it has larger screen size of 1.75 inches compared to Amazfit Band 5 just 1.1 inch screen, and better pixel density and resolution.

However I’d still say don’t rely on the numbers too much. While, they paints the picture that favors Fitbit Charge 5 you would be a fool to think Amazfit Band 5 doesn’t put the same or at least almost same quality of output.

Display Comparison of Fitbit Charge 5 & Amazfit Band 5

Think about it, both of these bands use the same set of technology “AMOLED” and though Amazfit Band 5 does have smaller screen size I didn’t see the reason to just discard it’s effort. You might find it hard to see it under the sun, that’s a problem that would follow you everywhere, perhaps not a lot in Fitbit Charge 5, but it can or does happen.

Both of them have also ALWAYS-ON mode too.

Resistivity Prowess

Okay so this is where Amazfit loses the ground a bit…

While both Charge 5 and Band 5 are well equipped to handle the pressure of 50 meter water in depth. Amazfit hasn’t added the Gorilla Glass 3 on Band 5 or made it suitable to tolerate the forced impact. Even though it is sweat and dust resistant along with its counterpart from Fitbit, ability to resist remains true until certain concentration only.

Resistivity Comparison of Fitbit Charge 5 & Amazfit Band 5

Although, following argument can be made for Fitbit Charge 5 too. Despite the in place measures by the company you are still not recommended to take a dip in Mariana Trench with Charge 5 on your hand. Take it to the shower or so but keep in mind while it is water-resistant and have the water lock function to further strengthen the claim it is still not waterproof.

Lack of care on your part can lead to devastating effects on your device, and then it wouldn’t matter who made it Fitbit or Amazfit.


As an IoT device it is important to make fruitful connections with other gadgets in the environment, it is vital to have functions capable to provide value in output, just as it is desired quality to serve User Friendly experience to anyone using the smart device.

Fitbit Charge 5 and Amazfit Band 5 happen to fulfil many if not all of those wishes!

Sensors Sensing Everything

Given Fitbit strong sense of loyalty towards developing health trackers to track vital body measures it is not a surprise Fitbit Charge 5 has upper hand in here. Not that Amazfit Band 5 fails miserably, it doesn’t, there is no lie it is indeed difficult to compete with Charge 5 here.

“Why do you think that?”

Well, for instance Fitbit Charge 5 serves a complete package, it is not haggling, it is not withholding anything, it is giving everything it has to offer. You can track RHR – Resting Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Sleep Score, Oxygen level in Blood (sp02) and that is just scratching the surface. Fitbit has also introduced the Active Zone Minutes to its band now, making sure to keep you informed and on the run whenever the device would see the need.

Sensors Comparison of Fitbit Charge 5 & Amazfit Band 5

There also various workout modes already installed in the band to get you started with your routine and it includes the continuation of Exercise Mode, Relaxation Mode, and Female Health Tracking Mode. Furthermore for your leisure you also get the option to choose better alternative through third-party applications. However, there is one thing which misses the Fitbit Charge 5 and it is Floor Counting. For reasons unknown it is not present in Charge 5.

“What about Amazfit Band 5?”

To be honest given its price range it is amazing in its own way. Like Fitbit monitoring heart rate, sleep tracking, and oxygen level in blood is possible. You can even measure and keep track of menstrual cycle and there are labyrinth of workout modes specially crafted to suit your needs. Not to mention unlike Fitbit there is also no need to have premium service to gain access to advance insights, everything is for free.

Connectivity Ability

You can easily connect either of these bands with Android or iOS smartphones. Fitbit and Amazfit have make sure to support smoother integration settings. There is also mobile application from both brands to make sure your onboarding process remain as simple as possible.

Note: You might find Amazfit mobile application little difficult to navigate at first, with time it would become the norm.

Connection Comparison of Fitbit Charge 5 & Amazfit Band 5

Both Band 5 and Charge 5 also comes with Bluetooth version 5, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi 4, and ability to sync data wirelessly to your phone and cloud servers. Since Fitbit trackers usually suffers from performance issue you might find Amazfit Band 5 having better locating prowess. Needless to say if you are GYM JOCK you can always turn off the GPS for better results while working out on stationary bikes or  treadmill.

Wits To Out Wit

Like always there is very little known about hardware running the show behind the scenes for Fitbit device. Although we don’t need them to say that there is significant optimization from Charge 4. If you have used the Charge 5 predecessor you’d find the performance on it much reliving.

Yes, there is still general disregard of not doing anything about simplistic Fitbit OS by Fitbit, you would still have Amazon Alexa availability on hands, contactless Payment using Fitbit Pay, and third-party support on the band. Not to mention notification control – if and when your smartphone would be connected – making sure you can control calls and text using just Charge 5.

“Can Amazfit Band 5 do these things too?”

Wits Comparison of Fitbit Charge 5 & Amazfit Band 5

Quite surprisingly, yes it can, Amazfit is capable to serve its user with following luxuries: you can use Amazon Alexa to control your home appliances, there is music playback functionality through Zepp application, and unlike Fitbit OS Amazfit has actually put some efforts to make the UI more than tiresome sight for eyes.


We have talked quite a lot about Fitbit smartwatches here at Chronoat, and what more often than not seems to be the trend in our discussions is how Fitbit provides excellence in battery performance. It is hard to deny the quality and effort they put in to optimize their devices for prolong use. However, in recent days I have grown quite fond of Amazfit creations, and mostly because just like Fitbit they serve the same quality battery life in their gadgets.

“Charge 5 and Band 5 didn’t deviate from the vision of their respective brands. If anything they are carrying the tradition”

Lifespan Over Lifetime

On average you can use with ease your Amazfit Band 5 for two weeks without having to charge it up even once. Crazy numbers, I know. Let’s look at Fitbit Charge 5, according to our own tests and what Fitbit seems to be claiming, you get 7 days straight on Charge 5.

Lifespan Comparison of Fitbit Charge 5 & Amazfit Band 5

For sure, if you’ll compare it to the Amazfit it would seem disappointing, we have to understand Fitbit is providing complete utopia of fitness tracking. They are not complacent with their intent. As amazing as Amazfit Band 5 is it still lacks at certain places hence the reason it doesn’t need more power to stay on.

Charging Time

It would take roughly 2-2.5 hours for both of these trackers to go from nothing to everything. Given the industry standard and what you’d find even in other products of Fitbit and Amazfit, time to charge the bands might seem too long, don’t forget you are probably going to do it 2-3 times a month. I’d say it is fair trade under those circumstances.

Charging Time Comparison of Fitbit C

Although, at times long charging time periods are cause of faulty battery or adaptors in use. Therefore, as troubleshooting exercise make sure to know your options, and if you find yourself with either case, be ready to replace the battery or charge without a charger or get a new one.

Wireless Charging

Both Amazfit Band 5 and Fitbit Charge 5 supports the wireless charging. To make it work you would have to find compatible pad and make sure your band magnetic rely is close enough to the pad and switch is on.

Fitbit Charge 5 vs Amazfit Band 5: Just Best & Affordable!

While Fitbit Charge 5 is dedicated fitness band meant to provide results with accuracy and efficiency. Amazfit Band 5 is affordable option for anyone out there willing to phase towards a healthy lifestyle. Even though it doesn’t have many high techy functionalities found in other fitness band for what it is made for, you can have a taste of everything to satisfy your budding needs.

As always, keep in mind, at the end of the day all of these are just devices made for your convenience, thus to make better use of them find your reason of inconvenience and then make a decision based on not what they can do, but what you want, need, and should have!

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what your needs required at the moment. If it’s dedicated device meant for health tracking Fitbit should be the number one choice. Otherwise if its affordable competent smartwatch/band you need Amazfit have strong portfolio.

It is fairly accurate. Although there might be variation between the results each time you take the readings and that could be because of various reasons for general usage you can trust the band.

No. While Amazfit Band 5 does track heart rate reading it is not ECG method that is implied.

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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