Bellabeat Vs Fitbit: Made From Same Cloth!

Bellabeat vs Fitbit

In the year 2023 the health trackers have become a need for good lifestyle. Given the state of saturated market you can find one for as cheap as $50. But just because you can doesn't mean you should. When it comes to providing value there are only handful of trackers that can justify their price tags with Fitbit being one of it.

However, today we are pitting the general king of fitness trackers against a newcomer. One which has been long enough in the wearable space to make name for itself. Yet so far hasn't been able to become a household name. To those who are aware off it you would have heard of Bellabeat fitness trackers. To those who haven't let's take a close look on how Fitbit compares against it.

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Bellabeat is ideal health tracker for women in need of detailed vitals and insights. Whereas Fitbit is perfect for more general use inclined towards active usage across both genders.

Bellabeat: Symbol Of Femineity

Launched in year 2014 Bellabeat has been part of wearable industry for 9 years now. But just like WHOOP it hasn’t been able to transcend the niche barrier it stays close too. Crafted specifically to cater to the women Bellabeat has a lot to provide. The most vital of which is the great idea and a thoughtful notion for the others in the space.

Fitbit: King Of The Fitness World

We are all aware of Fitbit’s story. It’s the one we have heard a lot of times, and the one we have always admired. Yet after years of being the leader and now under the new master there has been one thorn in the Fitbit side. The great American fitness company couldn’t become more than what it’s name states out. In spite the recent attempts to enter a space which is dominated by the Apple Fitbit has never not failed to fall short.

Fitbit Vs Bellabeat: Much Similar Than We Think?

Despite their differences one thing is certain both Fitbit and Bellabeat are set out to dominate the Fitness market. While without any doubt at this moment Fitbit holds the upper hand, there is more to see here than what appear at first glance. But how so and where so is the question we will look deeply while learning about both Fitbit and Bellabeat side by side.

So let’s go…

BODY In Question

Fitbit and Bellabeat have different ideas of what makes a good design good design. But if I was asked to choose one on the basis of which one is more beautiful than the other than without any doubt I’d pick the Bellabeat.

Just as it’s mission states out Bellabeat design clearly reflect the brand’s message through it’s design. When you will have it on you we can bet that it will appear more like piece of jewelry than a health tracker. As for Fitbit, well it is as basic as it can get, though Fitbit deals with both trackers like Fitbit Luxe and smartwatches like Fitbit Versa 4 ideal for small wrists there is no competition in terms of aesthetics. Bellabeat clears the Fitbit out of the ground.

Built Quality

Bellabeat Ivy (which is company’s flagship tracker) weighs only 0.35 ounce. According to their official press statement you won’t even feel it on your hand. Which if the numbers are correct makes sense 0.35 ounce is nothing for a human hand.

If we take Fitbit Sense 2 for comparison (which is Fitbit’s flagship from smartwatch division) it weighs around 40 grams which means almost 1.4 ounce. Now 1.4 ounce is also not much and you probably won’t feel it as well. But the thing to note here is the stark difference between the design and engineering procedure.

Bellabeat is meant to be lightweight because “Light” is what it aspires to be for its audience (females in this case). I don’t think Fitbit cares about it much.

If we look at built quality or materials that were used Bellabeat is made up of high-quality silicone and stainless-steel parts. This is done to make sure there is no allergic reaction on contact with skin. We have seen this problem happening with Apple Watches. In fact they are quite famous for giving their owners with reactive skin nickel allergy scare.

Display Screen

In terms of tech and presentation there is no competition here. Fitbit make its smartwatches with AMOLED technology. The new Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 are able to give vivid results of display. Bellabeat, on the other hand doesn’t even have the screen. It is just a health tracker with which you won’t have to interact at all.

A health tracker with no screen kind of reminds me of Garmin Forerunner 55 (although it is also not particularly health tracker more of Sports Watch). Either way what you need to know is that Bellabeat keeps things simple or boring (depends on how you see it). So you will have to see your stats and stuff from your mobile phone.

Resistivity Prowess

Since there is no screen on the Bellabeat trackers. There is not much to protect it. Although company does state that you can take the tracker into water, but I won’t do it for long. It’s flimsy structure might not be able to sustain the large water body for long. At least not like Fitbit trackers does, both Inspire 3 and Luxe are water resistant till 50 meters. Not to mention there is water lock function available on all new Fitbit devices.


The primary reason many people buy health trackers or just anything is how it can solve a problem for them. You have heart issue and wants to measure your RHR (Resting Heart Rate) on daily basis? Get a health tracker. In need of a device that keeps you entertained and you won’t have to rely on your phone a lot? Get a smartwatch.

My point is we buy stuff that can solve our problems.

Bellabeat and Fitbit are also bought for the same reasons, but while they are made to solve the problems. They don’t – always – do it in the same way.

Sensors Sensing Everything

This is where it starts to get interesting. Because Bellabeat has something in it’s court that Fitbit doesn’t and this is what actually shapes this debate. As we mentioned above Bellabeat make trackers specially for women so it means they specialize in a operation where Fitbit doesn’t.

Or to put it simple they provide function which Fitbit doesn’t and it goes like this: Bellabeat correlates menstrual cycle data, lifestyle habits, and biometric readings. Which is later used to provide a comprehensive and accurate state of body and mind. 

So while Bellabeat is giving you opportunity to record vanity stats like sleep, calories burned, heart rate, cardiovascular health, distance, and steps. Basically pretty much everything you will find in Fitbit trackers. It is also going one step ahead and incorporating algorithm which is specifically adjusted for female body.

It is also important to note that unlike Fitbit there is unison in ranks for Bellabeat stats. It’s proprietary algo uses multitude of recordings to provide insights. There is no confusion or matter of non-transparency *wink* Low Alignment Issue In Fitbit *wink.*

Connectivity Ability

Both Fitbit and Bellabeat can connect to Android and iOS smartphones. Although, to ensure smoother onboarding make sure your phones are updated to latest OS which for Android should be at least 8.0+ and for iPhone iOS 14.0 or further.

Another thing to keep in mind is that given Bellabeat niche approach you can’t receive texts or calls on it unlike the Fitbit smartwatches. There is also no Wi-Fi or ANT+ or NFC support in Bellabeat trackers. All it needs and uses is the connection with phone using Bluetooth.

Wits To Out Wit

As we mentioned above Bellabeat choose to work on specific models of stats. For example there are two metrics known as Wellness and Readiness score which are calculated using the raw vitals obtained from your body. In comparison there is nothing as such in Fitbit utopia which we can say is propriety Fitbit thing. The closest I can think off is Active Zone Minutes (not really admissible here).

Since there is no display screen we can’t really compare the UI/UX of trackers. By default Fitbit holds the upper hand there. Taking into account the mobile application Bellabeat has much user-friendly and better looking application. It is also much easier for a newbie to learn about it. Although, in terms of community support there is no beating Fitbit, I still feel Fitbit can do better job there.

You can play games and change clock faces on Fitbit smartwatches. Or even go as far as use them for texting and using social media. The overall experience is so and so. But then again Bellabeat doesn’t even have that, so once again, Fitbit takes it by default. Fitbit also supports third-party integration so that is also something in it’s favor.


If you are returning visitor to Chronoat you’d know when we compare Fitbit products with other brands it is usually the Fitbit having the upper upper hand in the matter of a battery. Which is understandable Fitbit trackers are known for amazing battery life. Sadly or maybe not sadly but more like surprisingly Bellabeat defeats the Fitbit at their own game here.

How and why it does that, well, let’s have a look…

Lifespan Over Lifetime

Fitbit claims that under moderate usage, your Sense 2 can maintain a battery life of 5-6 days. If we take in consideration something like Fitbit Charge 5 it can last as long as 14 days. Although, if you’re a fan of the ALWAYS ON mode and continuous GPS tracking, the battery life could decrease. This is still an impressive feat for the company.

Tip: To extend the battery life, you can adopt battery-saving practices like keeping the Fitbit brightness low and disabling Bluetooth connections.

So what about Bellabeat? How does it fare here?

Well, first of all it depends on which Bellabeat tracker you have, if it’s something like Leaf your tracker can run for 6 months on single cell (after which you would’ve have to get new cell). However, if you have the flagship Bellabeat Ivy then your tracker can go on for 8-10 days on a single charge.

Charging Time

It take 90-120 minutes for Bellabeat Ivy to go from 0% to 100%. Whereas for something like Fitbit Versa 4 you can be done in 90 minutes or so. However, since time duration can be greatly influenced by age of device, a little variation in downward spiral can be more or less expected.

Wireless Charging

Fitbit has chosen not to incorporate wireless charging into its trackers. The reasons behind this decision are unclear, as even their latest releases (both Sense 2 and Versa 4) lack this feature. This omission is quite disappointing, I must say. On the contrary, Bellabeat has adopted a more progressive approach. Surprisingly, despite its feminine and graceful design, the Ivy from Bellabeat supports wireless charging.

Bellabeat Vs Fitbit: Much Similar Than We Think!

In the end this what you need to understand both Fitbit and Bellabeat are committed to bring you the best of fitness world. For sure, it’s true that Bellabeat has more advanced and useful features available we need to keep in mind that it is catering to a specific niche. Whereas Fitbit approach is more generic yet even then it doesn’t mean Fitbit isn’t working for future.

Just recently we wrote about Blood Pressure tracking and how Fitbit engineers are working around the clock to make it a possibility for perhaps potential Fitbit Sense 3.

Either way, while we tangle ourselves in this hoard of health trackers to pick the best. The most important thing that you always need to remind yourself is your care begins from you. So take care of yourself and choose the one which fits your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on which Bellabeat smartwatch Fitbit Sense 2  is being compared too. If its Bellabeat Ivy that is the standard then an argument can be made for both devices. Although given Fitbit intuitive UI and functions majority would opt for it.

Yes. For women they are pretty awesome for what they are being sold for.

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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