Best 10 Fitbit Clock Faces That Are Totally Free!

10 Clock Faces For Fitbit Trackers 2023 Edition

If you have just got the new Fitbit tracker then you must be wondering about customization options. Surely, there would be some way you can change it into what your eyes feel most comfortable with. Lucky for you, there is indeed a way to do that, and that is through clock faces.

There are many options by the way. When you will open Fitbit Gallery you will find hundreds of them. However, what you should know is that not all clock faces are free, some of them are developed by third-part devs and requires money to install them. But for your ease we have round-up the best 10 Fitbit clock faces that we feel you would love in first sight.

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The best Fitbit clock face that are also free are the following:

  • Mod-Deco
  • Fitbit Eco
  • My Sleeping Animal
  • Intersection

Fitbit Watch Faces: Best Of The Best!

As mentioned above not all the clock faces for Fitbit trackers are free, some of them does require payment to be made. In a same way not all the watch faces that you will find on Fitbit Gallery can be used for your specific Fitbit tracker. At times there are exceptions. They are not made for certain series or model in mind. In each case you should carefully examine what you are getting yourself into before installing anything.



Let’s start with this beautiful yet elegant solution for your Fitbit smartwatches. Made by Fitbit itself this clock face is totally free, so you won’t have to worry about spending a dime. While even more importantly there are 6 themes that you can choose from its portfolio of options. Not to mention this clock face by Fitbit supports Always-On mode (now on all major Fitbit smartwatches). Likewise you can all see following stats from it just through a glance: Date, Time, Steps, Heart-Rate, Calories, Distance & Floors.


Paths Standard

This particular watch face is not the one that can be called most unique, but it is surely the one that is easily recognizable by just anyone. Fitbit used it in many promotional pictures. Either way made for the new gen of Fitbit smartwatches (in particular for Versa 4 and Sense 2) just like the Intersection above this is also free to install and apply. Even better part about is that it can also easily let you view your progress towards your daily goals for Active Zone Minutes, Heart rate, and Sleep score.



This is perfect for those who long for analog style over saturated digital holograms that we see nowadays. Nelson like the others we’ve discussed so far is the developed by Fitbit and comes with no cost to apply on a Fitbit smartwatch. Unlike the ones we talked about before this clock face is also compatible with Fitbit Versa 2 and Versa Lite.

Meaning you can apply on any smartwatch Fitbit has made post 2018. Available with options of these colors (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, white) you can also customize what stats you want to see, it supports the following two: Time & Steps.


Fitbit Eco

Okay, this is coolest till now. Made with a simple mission to remind you of your carbon footprints. This clock face by Fitbit is made to ensure it reminds you how valuable it is to walk than take a car or bus when we have the option to go on a walk. Just like Nelson above it is also available to the complete Fitbit smartwatches family. While you can also see the following stats on it: Steps, Heart Rate & Active Zone Minutes.


Pride Stripes

Another one of Fitbit’s finest creation Pride Stripes watch face is made with mission to show your support for LGBTQ+ cause. However, it is more than just for a noble cause, it also supports Always On function while giving the support to show the stats like Active Zone Minutes & Heart Rate. Although, unlike the few options we saw above this Fitbit clock face is only for the Fitbit smartwatches post 2019 so you cannot use it for Fitbit Versa 2 or those before it.



A perfect blend of 2010s aesthetics and retro times of 1980s this watch face by Fitbit is simple, beautiful, but most importantly eccentric to pull anyone’s attention towards your wrists. Not to mention you can have it on your Fitbit smartwatches like Versa 3 and Sense 2 within a second given it’s totally free to download. It also comes with 6 colors that you can change according to your preference while having the choice to see stats like: Date, Time, Steps & Goal Progress.


My Sleep Animal

Honestly, this is what I have been using with my Fitbit Versa 4 for the last two months and this is what I love the most. It is cute, pleasant to sight, and even importantly informative with snippets of information about my sleep patterns.

When you will download it you will see lots of animal but once your Fitbit tracker will have enough data about your sleep pattern you will be assigned animal which will reflect your sleeping habit. Every day your sprit animal will fall asleep on 9 PM while be up and running by 9 AM.

Although, it is also important to note that using this clock face on your Fitbit smartwatches you will have to charge your tracker more frequently. For your ease we recommend that you turn off Always On mode and keep brightness low.



This Fitbit clock face reminds me of fighter planes and their navigation system, something you will see in CASIO ABC watches (we talked about it while hiking). In any case this watch face is also developed by Fitbit and it comes with no cost. You can also have the liberty to view the following stats using Quadrant as your clock face: Active Zone Minutes, Heart Rate, Steps & Sleep Score.



Another one of those that reminds me of Instagram stories. Mod-Deco is free to download Fitbit developed clock face made for the Fitbit Versa 4 and Fitbit Sense 2. Although there is good chance that we will be able to see its support extended for Fitbit Versa 5 and Fitbit Sense 3. You can use it view the following stats just from one glance of your Fitbit smartwatch: Active Zone Minutes, Heart Rate & Calories Burned.



The last but certainly not least Sunrise clock face by Fitbit is perfect for anyone who still is in touch with inner kids in them. You can have it on any Fitbit smartwatch post 2019. So that means you have four options. While it is not the one that will show you many stats on first glance. It does show the cycle of day according to the time. So in morning you will see Sun on your Fitbit whereas at night it will be Moon telling you to go to sleep.

Ideal To Say Good Bye



Best Of Fitbit Clock Faces: In The End…

This is it from us!

All of these clock faces that we talked about are exclusively made by Fitbit itself so you will see little issue having them on your Fitbit device. But at times issues can arise out of anything, for instance if you are dealing with black screen on your Fitbit Versa smartwatches then watch face could be one reason. In any case be prepared to know what is best for your gadget.

Make the informed decision. Do your homework. Yet most importantly don’t forget to what was our main concern: customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any clock face is the better option. However, when faced with problem, turn towards the default option.

For new Gen Fitbit smartwatch Path Standard is the main or default clock face.

Far too many to count.

Honestly, Apple has much better collection of watch faces.

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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