Top 5 Fitbit Luxe Bands That You Shouldn’t Miss Out!

Top 5 Fitbit Luxe Bands That You Shouldn’t Miss Out!

Fitbit Luxe is not the first health band made exclusively by Fitbit there has been many in the past. Just recently Inspire 3 was introduced to the audience. However, just because Luxe isn't the only health band by the Fitbit it doesn't mean Fitbit hasn't done everything to make it a lucrative option.

More so when you consider the Fitbit accessories that are available for a Luxe user. Especially if you are someone who likes to customize their trackers to a certain degree, and that degree is always 100%. So, if you happen to be that guy then this post is must read for you. Using a set of robust rating criteria we have rated each Fitbit Luxe band so that you know which and what is ideal for you.

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Top 5 Fitbit Luxe bands that you should try out:

  • gorjana for Fitbit Luxe
  • Woven Luxe Band
  • Leather Double Luxe Wrap
  • Horween Luxe Band
  • Stainless Steel Fitbit Luxe Band

Fitbit Luxe: A Fresh Start

Released amid the Google acquisition Fitbit Luxe serves the purpose of a health band to it’s full might. You want to track your heart rate using it? Luxe can do it easily. You want to know how and when you slept? Fitbit Luxe has state of the art system for sleep tracking to give you vital information about your sleep routine.

Check out our guide on Luxe 2 and how it will affect the Fitbit plans for the Luxe series.

Needless to say Luxe is perfect health tracker in 2023. But what about customization? Have you ever thought about it? Because if you didn’t let me tell you this Fitbit gives you range of options for customization and if it is band that you are worried about then there is nothing to worry about.

Bands To Have For Fitbit Luxe

When you buy a Fitbit tracker, it doesn’t have to be Luxe, you get the chance to buy the band with it. Even though you will get one by default, but it won’t be all that, and by all that I mean it would be pretty darn simple. But simple is not what we want, we want glamour and elegance. In which case here are five Fitbit Luxe bands that not only exudes charm but will elevate your wearing experience to another level.

I don’t think I need to tell you why this is at first place. Just look at it. Crafted from premium stainless steel gorjana has outdone themselves here. More so if you are fan of Bellabeat trackers which are known for their pretty aesthetics. Because let’s be honest this more than a band, this right here is a piece of jewelery. Available in two colors silver and golden you will have to spend $60 for this gorjana Luxe tracker.


Woven Luxe Band

An ideal choice for those who likes to sleep with their Fitbit Luxe trackers this woven band is certified by Fitbit to be durable enough for extreme works out as well as nigh time as you lay asleep. Another fascinating thing about this particular band is that given the flexibility of material you can elongate it as you please and it will bend on your command. You will get two choice of colors the first if black or grey and the next is pink color. Personally, I’d prefer the former for my Luxe.


Leather Double Luxe Wrap

Result of fine craftsmanship this Fitbit Luxe band is meant for those who prefers royalty and luxury. However, what truly makes it one of the best you can get today is price tag. Starting from $29.95 it is not only the most durable out of the others but as well as pretty cheap and easy to afford. Not to mention you can have it in two colors, black and pearl. If you want to gift to a woman in your life I will suggest that you go for pearl it is truly remarkable to look at it.


Luxe Premium Horween

Made in three different colors, black, orange and grey this Fitbit Luxe band is for those who prefer to have simple and easy on the eye bands for their health trackers. Now if you are wondering if someone would want simple why won’t they just stick to the default band you get with Fitbit?

Well, the answer is simple and it is since the default Fitbit Luxe band is blend at best this leather masterpiece provides more than the feel of elegance. It translates class and charm to your wrist. Or ankle. Because it doesn’t matter where you have worn your Fitbit, it is one to have in your collection.


Stainless Steel Mesh For Luxe

In a word: Vibrant. This Fitbit Luxe band might be little expansive than others in this list. It will cost you $79.95 at the time of purchase, but and this is one big but, you wouldn’t be able to question it’s quality. Made from stainless steel when you will have it attached to your Fitbit Luxe not only will your tracker stand out, it will send the message. A message of class and maintenance.

However, even if we put aside it’s look for a moment it is ideal for those who engages in intense activities with their Fitbit on hand. More so if those activities include water body. Because a) it is made of stainless steel so water has no detrimental affect on it and b) it allows changing of size through clasp, so either way you are winning it.


Good Luxe Band Will Always Elevate Goodness

A good band with enough good qualities to protect itself and your tracker will always be admired. Then it doesn’t matter what and which kind of you look you prefer. In the end it is about customization and customization in a manner that our Fitbit Luxe trackers don’t get overshadowed.

Needless to say when you are looking at this list and wants to find the perfect fit for your hand, keep in mind the most important thing is what you want and not what the numbers say.

Listen to your heart and it will lead you the Fitbit Luxe band made for you.

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All kinds of bands that are made for Fitbit Luxe.

Mostly Small, Medium and Large.

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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