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WHOOP Vs Fitbit Trackers: Tracking Tug!

Fitbit Vs WHOOP

With another wave of COVID-19 on the rise people from all over the world are preparing for the potential fallout. I guess it is safe to say many of us have learned from our mistakes in 2020. However, what comes as surprise is I am seeing many stocking up health trackers to remain updated on their body health.

While I salute them for their initiative, not many of them are making the decision with enough direction, which I fear can hurt them in long run. Therefore to make things clear and better, I felt it is a great opportunity to talk about two of America's biggest Fitness brand and their product line.

Yes, today at Chronoat we are focusing on WHOOP and Fitbit...

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In the battle of WHOOP vsFitbit trackers, WHOOP is a much more niche solution. Given its emphasis on recovery tracking. On the other hand Fitbit despite being a health tracker can be used as a smartwatch, even if it's not the one truly.

WHOOP: An Athlete Dream

Since this is our first time discussing WHOOP at Chronoat let’s start with an introduction:

WHOOP is an American Wearable Technology brand that holds mastery in crafting trackers meant to collect and process data for Heart Rate Variability, Sleep Cycle Score, Strain Management, and Recovery Time. Although relatively new to the scenes of IoT landscape in the ten years time WHOOP brand has accumulated much fame. Primarily from the big names sportspersons and leagues in the continental US.

“But Mr Ezhan Why WHOOP? It is such a funny name?”

Well, first of all I didn’t name it, they could’ve called it SHOOP and we would’ve to be okay with it, and secondly, it’s been reported that CEO of WHOOP INC Mr Will Ahmed used to say the word before big games during his time at Harvard. So probably that’s why.

And speaking of Mr Ahmed and his athletic days…

WHOOP serves – mostly – sportsperson. You can buy them, no one will make you play catch, but it just not might be suitable for your needs (you would see why later in the post). The tracker is idle and creation of immense simplicity with one goal in mind: Tracking.

Fitbit Trackers: Ever Green For Green


We love Fitbit at Chronoat. You could check out our other resources about the brand. We will never get tired of bringing to you Fitbit content.

Founded in 2007. Recognized in 2012. Global Brand in 2015.

Fitbit has seen the highs and lows of the IoT world. They know what it takes to stay in the game. Yes recent years have been little dud, considering everyone had high expectations after Google acquisition. We believe in turn arounds.

Not to mention the latest release from the company hasn’t been a failure in any shape. Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 are still enjoying their time in sun, even after the release of their successors. Whereas Fitbit Charge 5 is being regarded by many as one of the best health band you can have in today’s market. And unlike our other competitor today Fitbit actually make stuff that is meant for commercial usage.

Difference In Vision Of Two

Continuing from the above WHOOPs are made with a very different mindset to their Fitbit counterparts. They don’t have flashy features or bright screen (More about it later). You might not even notice someone is wearing a WHOOP tracker as many people prefer to have it over their ankle for improved efficiency.

WHOOP Target Market

As the device works simultaneously with WHOOP application installed on your phone, it becomes evident we are not dealing with a simple case of a health tracker. WHOOP is meant for a specific task with a specific goal in mind. It is by no means a smartwatch, it will never be a smartwatch.

“The same can never be said for a Fitbit.”

Yes, with the release of Fitbit Versa 4 and Sense 2 we have seen change in brand policy to remain loyal to its root. If someone would mistake your Fitbit device for smartwatch they wouldn’t be wrong completely. Fitbit might not have the all the luxuries of a smartwatch it still gives an environment, utopia, and experience within its simpleton package. You can see notifications, control call and text, use Google Assistant ( on Versa 3 and Sense) and pay online using Fitbit Pay.

“The same can never be said for a WHOOP.”

The Product Line Of Both

WHOOP has pretty narrow and selected products in its portfolio. Which could be because it has been just 10 years since the company was established, 10 years is still a long time to release 10 products.

*winks* Apple *winks*

In the last decade company has released 4 version of its trackers. With each named WHOOP and the number followed by it, the latest of which hit the market in 2021 called WHOOP 4.0. An extremely bleak product line, if you ask me. Especially if we compare it to Fitbit who have the longest of all.

WHOOP Trackers Cost More Over Longer Period Of Timesss

Don’t believe me? Fitbit have the following series with each one having multiple models released on annual basis: Versa, Sense, Charge, Ionic, Luxe, Inspire, One, and Surge. Just in 2021-22 we have got the new Charge 5, Versa 4, and Sense 2.

Target Niche Of WHOOP

WHOOP is a pretty niche in what it does, and what it does is aiding in recovery. So while you and I can go and have it ordered for us. We might not like it very much and that is due to its dedicated nature toward its purpose. WHOOP is meant for athletes facing rough and tough conditions on daily basis to make 100% recovery.

Which also explains its immense fame around the sports league in NBA, NFL, and Women Soccer. Many players wears it during training session to capture the insight of their body recovery and use it to plan ahead of games and other activities.

For non-athletic person it doesn’t make much sense to invest in something they would neither enjoy or need, and that’s where Fitbit arrives. Unlike WHOOP you wouldn’t find the caging conditions with Fitbit. Made with greater purpose Fitbit intends to serve just anyone who have little interest in knowing their body health regardless of what they are and does.

Stylistic Preference By WHOOP

WHOOP is pretty unique in this regard.

It doesn’t have a screen. Yes, there is no screen on any WHOOP tracker. You would get a band and metal tracker with sensors beneath it. Which explains why many people prefer it to have it clipped or worn near ankle. There is no need for the health tracker to remain visible when you can’t control or see anything. All the data is fed to mobile application.

WHOOP has no Screen

Fitbit trackers on the other hand are bright and flashy and between us pretty big. The new Versa and Sense have 1.58 inch AMOLED screen. I love the screen. I love less the size. Either way there is no doubt Fitbit embraces its smartwatch alike personality and tries to present its solution as a multi-cultured gadget capable of all. In reality, we could argue about capability, given the current context of style over substance Fitbit have it all.

Robust Working Policy

WHOOP works on working policy that is quite unique in the industry. You don’t have to buy the tracker but the membership that tracker comes with it or vice versa in this case. Since there is no screen and everything is processed in a mobile application (Available on both Playstore and App Store) it would be useless to have tracker and not the working membership required to track and analyze the data.

Fitbit also have its Fitbit Premium service its neither needed nor required to use any Fitbit tracker. Yes, having one would give you access to more insights and data group, even without you are good to go. I am using Fitbit Sense 2 for a while now I haven’t ever felt the need to get it for myself. You can just buy the Fitbit tracker and with working Bluetooth Connection you are good to go.


To those who might be wondering why we didn’t explore the functional side of either of these trackers. Well, it’s hard to summarize them when there are far too many options, likewise each Fitbit tracker is distinct from the other. Not to mention there are not world apart in regards to working method. Both WHOOP and Fitbit excels in data tracking.

So to conclude what we have seen so far it is safe to say WHOOP is incredibly niche in what it is and intends to do. Their trackers are not crafted with casualty in mind or heart, everything is simply working towards one unique goal. As for Fitbit the essence lies in variety and accessibility to the greater audience. Nothing is confined to boundaries, certainly neither the trackers nor its potential users.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is vital to have membership on and be active for WHOOP to work properly.

Yes. If you are serious about your fitness regime and intends to devote your time, energy, and money towards attaining goals then yes WHOOP is 100% worth it.

Tracker would stop recording the data. It would become useless to have it clipped or worn.

Not entirely. No Fitness Tracker is completely accurate for tracking calories or any other metric for what’s worth. There is a margin of error in every one of them. Even Fitbit suffers from the following issue.

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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