Does Fitbit Work With Supernatural App?

Does Fitbit Work With Supernatural

Fitbit has been in the fitness industry for a long time now. Over the years they have seen both highs and lows. Which is probably the reason why today the name Fitbit is familiar for anyone with little interest in fitness regimes. Fitbit trackers are great source of capturing the quality data and then projecting it back with brilliant insights.

However, just cause Fitbit has this long history of being in the game, it doesn't mean that Fitbit has not made its fair share of mistakes. It has and it is still making one. Yes we are indeed talking about the eerie relationship between the Fitbit and the new VR Fitness application Supernatural. Let's discuss.

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At this moment Fitbit doesn't allow Supernatural to have access to its real-time data. However, according to Supernatural they have made the first move and are waiting for Fitbit to respond.

Fitbit Is Very Cagey

As mentioned in passing before Fitbit is brilliant at what it can do for you. Their trackers are reliable, they are cheap but most importantly they can be fairly accurate. Which means there is this strong community backing the Fitbit products. People loves Fitbit, but Fitbit might not share the same love.

In early 2020s when Facebook CEO Zuckerberg announced the Meta Verse, there was a lot of opinions about it riding high. Some were skeptical. Some were excited. Yet all was keen to see how the visionary product from the mind of social media giant would be in real life. Well, fast forward to four years later and it is safe to say while Meta might not have perfectly landed, there has been by products of it which are ruling the heart of people. One of it being the VR fitness app which goes by the name of Supernatural.

Now that you know about Supernatural, here is another thing that you should know about, Fitbit is health tracker. It collects raw data from your body and then process it to create insights. Supernatural on the other hand is a VR Fitness app which requires that you connect it to a health tracker. Something like Fitbit with ability to collect data from body in real-time.

In an ideal world Supernatural and Fitbit will fit each other like a glove. They are just meant to be in the same bracket. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world.

What Is Supernatural Doing?

“We would need Fitbit to allow some things on their end in order to get live HR data feeding into SN like other HR sensors currently do. We’ve now spoken to some very nice folks at Fitbit to explain what we’d need. We’ve even sent them Quests to try Supernatural out for themselves.

We’re hopeful they will come through for our shared members as Fitbit makes great products and we’d love to have them as a partner. Please do feel free to reach out to their customer service and let them know you’d love to be able to use their products in the brave new future of VR fitness. A future where you can no longer just look down at your physical wrist to check your HR”

– Chris Milk, CEO of Supernatural

According to this statement we can deduce two things:

  • Supernatural has done their part and now is hoping that Fitbit contacts them so that they can move forward with their integration.
  • Until Fitbit makes a move there is no possible way for this partnership to bore actual results for any party involved.

Now here is what Fitbit has to say, or not say, since they have never spoken about this matter publicly. Fitbit has no actual plans to integrate with Supernatural. The reason for which is down to the nature of data that Supernatural demands from the Fitbit side. Supernatural requires real-time data from the Fitbit tracker. Whereas Fitbit has a strict policy of keeping the real-time data close to itself with no access for any third-party. Meaning for things to work out in future at least one party has to give up something.

Can Things Change In Future?

Honestly, there is no hope at this moment.

As Fitbit has not officially commented on the matter and what we have shared with you is what Fitbit moderators has informed the users about, it is safe to assume that for now a just partnership is just not happening.

You would be surprised to know though that while Fitbit seems like culprit, there are also other smartwatch brands following the same path. Garmin & Samsung the most popular of those in the list.

Meanwhile Opt For Alternative To Fitbit

However, just cause some of the most popular smartwatch brands are not allowing Supernatural to work with them, there is one which has not done the same. The one which holds the most power over all of them. Yes, I am indeed talking about Apple Watches. If you are owner of Apple Watch then you can easily connect to a Supernatural application from your mobile phone by downloading the app.

Also if you are not a smartwatch person then any heart rate tracker that uses BLE connectivity (such as Polar chest strap, Wahoo arm band) can still be used and things will work just fine. Supernatural is not confined to few options and while Fitbit has its ways of doing things, perhaps a change of heart in future might take us to a different route. Yet for now the answer stands at no.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are fair few of them.

Apple Watches and some Android watches running on WearOS.

Any heart rate tracker with BLE connectivity. 

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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