Does Waze Work With Apple Watch?

Does Waze Work With Apple Watch

Heading somewhere but not sure about the direction? Well, here comes the entry of maps. Now since it is not exactly thirteen century and we don't have actual maps in hand, there is something we actually does have and that is digital map apps. The most common of which are these two: Google Maps made and develop by Google and Apple Map created by the brilliant minds at the Apple.

However, do you know there is another navigation app by the name of Waze which people often uses? If not, well in short time we will introduce you to Waze, but meanwhile try to understand this unlike the other two options, Waze is built around a community of dedicated people who work 24/7 to update the Waze servers. The interesting thing about all of this is that you can also become that person just by downloading the Waze app!

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Waze application is not available for the watchOS which means it cannot work on your Apple Watch. Regardless of what and which series you are using.

What Is Waze?

Waze is navigation software developed in early 2010s primarily as a direct competitor to the Google Maps. Which makes sense given the working model of the Waze app. You want to know the step by step direction for going somewhere? Waze can help you there, pretty much the same way like a Google Map. For sure, the UI and other resources provided by the Waze app are not exactly world class and they can work on it.

What makes Waze so great is that it is built around a community. Which means that whenever you are using the Waze app for the navigation the information you are seeing on your screen is not collected and fed to a system by the Waze itself, but a third-party (in the case of Waze, mere common people who also uses Waze and if they find something which can help others, they tell the Waze servers about it).

Does Waze Works On Apple Watches?

The answer is no.

Your Waze app on the iPhone or your Android phone cannot run on your Apple Watch. Regardless of the series you are using, Waze just doesn’t have any presence on the watchOS for now.

The question however can be asked that why is this the case: Why does Waze just not support the Apple Watches. Without a doubt the most used smartwatch brand in the world. Well, the answer in this case is pretty simple and it is since Google is the owner of the Waze company, they simply don’t want anything to do with Apple Watches. Pretty much the same way how Google Fi has not made its way to the Apple Watch utopia. Google can be petty when it comes to sharing and caring. Sadly.

But Do You Really Need Waze? Think!

While Waze is amazing in what it can do for you, we need to remind ourselves of one thing! Waze is built around a community which means it relies greatly on the input from the people who uses Waze. Since it is very possible that where you live people don’t use Waze a lot you might not be able to extract a great deal of benefit from using the Waze app.

For instance if we talk about place like San Francisco (tech town known for techy people) you will find Waze very helpful. People there would have added a lot of useful information about the area. Which in turn is what elevates the Waze from other apps. However, if your place of residence is not particularly well known for tech savvy population then there is good chance that Waze app might not be very useful to you then.

By all means it will still work as step by step navigation tool, nothing is changing it. But what actually makes Waze great (local information) that part would be lost and then its just like any other Google Map competitor.

Potential Waze & Apple Map Switch?

For people who owns Apple Watches, personally it is our advice to them that they should stick to Apple Maps. It is true that while Apple needs to work a lot on their map app, they are very far behind to what Google has to offer. The flexibility and smooth working of the map app on Apple Watch is worth the blend response that you might get sometime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but not with Apple Watches.

Google Maps & Apple Maps.

Yes with the help of iPhone.

Yes through the Map app on your Apple Watch.

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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