Is It Safe To Wear Smartwatch While Sleeping

Is It Safe To Wear Smartwatches While Sleeping FI

Hey there! Have you ever wondered if it's okay to wear your smartwatch while you sleep? With technology becoming an essential part of our lives, it's hard to resist the temptation to stay connected even when we're catching some Z's.

However, it's important to ask ourselves if the benefits outweigh the potential drawbacks. After all, our bodies and minds need rest, and we don't want our gadgets interfering with that. So, let's delve deeper into this topic and see if sleeping with a smartwatch is really a good idea.

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Is It Safe To Wear Smartwatch While Sleeping: Chronic Dilemma?

Smartwatches are ‘IN.’

They are totally ‘IN.’

Ever since the inception of the concept that anything can be scaled to a size of portability, we are overdoing it, and I am here for it. Who doesn’t like to have a cool gadget on hand capable to do everything a smartphone can do?

However, a time comes (no pun intended) when you should put the smart timepieces in their place. And by the place, I mean on the side of your bedside desk or wherever you might be sleeping. Because it remains a common question in many minds:

“Is it safe to wear a smartwatch while I sleep?”

“Should I put it down for now?”

“Surely I won’t die because of a smartwatch?”

Is It Safe To Wear It

Okay, the last one might seem like a stretch, either way, the other two are genuine concerns. Which should not be a surprise to anyone. Unlike smartphones, a watch is an extension of our arm it stays with us for hours. Hence the need to continue in the dark hours with one isn’t insanity.

Although it might not be far from unnecessary!

“Smartwatches Affect Health In Sleep”

The most common fear many smartwatch enthusiasts share is the safety hazard their favorite gadget might be posing to them. It’s fed to minds that devices regardless of whatever they might be are death machines emitting radio-frequency. So having one near your body daily could’ve detrimental effects in a long run.

That’s not right or at least completely.

No study has ever found a correlation between the surge in smartwatch usage with deteriorating effects on health. Although, scientists have concluded that lack of evidence doesn’t guarantee proof of safety.

“So smartwatches doesn’t emit radioactive rays?”

No. They do. There is no lie the component of radio transmission holds to reality and just like a smartphone, a smartwatch does rely on electromagnetic channels too. However under practical application – especially for a wearable – the SRA rating is so low their impact is almost minimal.

You can have the watch on your hand for hours and then for days and the chances of anything odd or funny happening would stay close to zero. World Health Organization dictates that manufacturers around the world use ICNIRP policies to stay within a specified range of frequencies, ranging from 100khz to 300 GHz. Where anything less than 300 is a green light.

Anyways if dying from cancer that you would’ve contracted due to smartwatches was stopping you from wearing it to sleep then you can put your mind to ease. However, I am still convinced it is better not to and I have my reasons.

Needy Validation To Have Smartwatch In Sleep?

From a very young age, we were introduced to numbers. I don’t remember when it happened to me but I can recall that grim feeling of walking to a Maths class. Sitting there and going through numbers, one after the other, one more than the other. Honestly, it was never a memorable experience. However, it shaped me.

Today a lot of us are obsessed with numbers. It’s not a good day until our smartphones chime in and inform us we have reached the daily goal of steps. It was not a good night until our smartwatches let us know we went to the REM-1223×3-XAVCD phase of sleep in the last quarter.

In retrospect, we have submitted our will and validation to inanimate objects with little to no will of their own.

A Case Study published in the journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine noted a patient who had convinced herself she is not getting perfect sleep – even when the polysomnography results quite clearly indicated otherwise. Her condition was later coined the term orthosomnia.

Can you guess why she was convinced she isn’t getting a good good night’s sleep? If you are guess is sleep trackers in smartwatches showing a message stating: “Betterment Needed.” then you are clearly on the right track. If not there is still hope left for all of us.

Common Sense. Sleep. Smartwatches.

“Common sense isn’t common.” might seem a juvenile attempt to lighten the mood it is not wrong to think about it. It is not common anymore. I don’t know what happened or when a shift in mindset led to different directions of thinking.

Not all of them are pure gold.

My biggest criticism for the “Is It Safe to Wear Smartwatch While Sleeping” remains in the fact of why would you feel the need to do it in the first place. Because logic dictates having one leans far more on the Con side of the spectrum than the other way.

Don’t believe me? See.

  • Your smartwatch runs on a battery, having one on for a whole night would only force your hand to put it up for charge first thing in the morning.
  • It is unlikely your watch is made of cotton and candy because if it isn’t then you’d have a metal or silicone strap wrapped to your wrist all night. Yes, a Nylon band could be far more comfortable than the other two it would still be not comfortable like No Band.
  • Smartwatches are connected to a phone and phone numbers are available to a lot of people. Why would you want to open the door of possibility to receiving a message about Jon’s dead Snake in the middle of the night? Snake is dead. It’s not coming back.
  • Assuming you are sleeping with someone, your smartwatch like any other normal watch holds weight and value. You can hurt/hit them up in sleep.
  • If tracking sleep is your goal keep wearing one while sleeping. You’d be disappointed to know 99% of smartwatches aren’t able to provide 100% results. Smartwatches use the accelerometer (or heart rate sensor) to detect the movement and machine learning to assume the conclusion. Neither of them is credible enough to mean anything.
  • Although they are practically harmless it is always recommended to keep gadgets away from the brain, chest, and reproductive organs. While sleeping there is a possibility you wouldn’t be able to take care of it.
  • Some smartwatches like a few Apple Watches have Nickel traces present in their making which can lead to an allergic reaction.

Is It Safe To Wear Smartwatch While Sleeping: Chronic Dilemma!

If your mind is still not convinced I’d like to tell you: It is alright to wear a smartwatch while sleeping. You can do it without having an adverse effect. However, it would always be advisable to think about what good would it bear to have it on me under the dark.

If you could find the answer then that’s your clue!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It has never been proven otherwise nor has there ever been a reported case of fatality. So yes you can wear a smartwatch while sleeping. Although, if it is not needed, I’d suggest not to.

There is no harm, but is it really necessary to have it all the time? If so then go ahead.

If your smartwatch would’ve Sleep Tracker on it would track your vitals, if not, you’ll be wearing an uncomfortable gadget around your wrist for no reason.

It is often rumored in media EMF radiation could cause harm or at least pose a threat in long run, there is no scientific backing to these claims. At best they are just rumors.

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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